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Action Pack Karate martial arts / self defense school entirely dedicated to teaching kids and teens in a safe, constructive, and FUN environment.

Proudly in Hendricks County for over 15 years, Action Pack Karate is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Cary and Amy Watts.   Along with a world class martial arts pedigree, both Cary and Amy hold degrees in areas of child development.  Click here to learn more about the Action Pack Staff!

Based on the Principles of RyuKyu Kempo Karate, Action Pack Karate's progrogram not only teaches kids real world practical self defense skills, it also teaches and encourages skills areas such as physical fitness, self dicipline, and avoiding potential conflicts.

Our Motto:  Making great kids independently safer!

Students earn belt ranks in a non-competitive environment.  We pride ourselves in developing each students self dicipline, physical fitness, and self esteem.  At Action Pack Karate, we strive for every student's success!Beginnings of an Expert